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Price List per magazine – January 2019

Vale Advertising – price list 19

Price List per magazine – January 2019

We are not VAT registered so the price you see is the price you pay.

* Can be different copy for each month. The discount is for booking multi issues.

Price Per Month


1 Issue 3 Issues    package 6 Issues  package Ongoing (min 12 months – no future price increase
Full Page


£160 £150 £135 £120
Half Page


£85 £80 £70 £65
Quarter Page


£55 £50 £40 £35
Eighth page


£30 £27.50 £25 £20
Back Cover £200 N/A N/A N/A


Inside Front Cover £175 N/A N/A N/A


Inside Back Cover £175 N/A N/A N/A


Centre Page




This is taken out in addition to an advert in that month’s issue
Provide an advert for client use From £45 We outsource to professional graphic designers for this.
Leaflet Distribution per 1000 £60/£35 With all current adverts, ¼ page and above discount is available.  We can deliver up to 7000.
New Business Package £30 This includes a 6-month package of ¼ page adverts + one editorial.  It is for fledgeling businesses starting out to help with initial introduction to market.
Ongoing packages

This is a minimum of 12 months.

There will be no increase in price in the future providing the advertising remains ongoing.  Any break in this will result in a new package at the current prices.

Ongoing packages must have a standing order set up.

Cancellation before 12 months will be subject to the individual month’s price. (If 3 – 6 months completed and paid for, the relevant package price will be charged)


Acceptable Formats

  • Ads can be submitted in the following formats:




-MS Word

-MS Publisher

  • Copy can be emailed to
  • Please ensure Full page & Quarter page ads are in portrait layout and  Half page ads in landscape.
  • Please note that adverts sent in the wrong size format will be printed and charged as such.

Advertisement Sizes:

1/8  page advert 60mm  x 42.5mm

¼ page advert: 60mm x 90mm

½ page advert: 130mm x 90mm

Full page advert: 130mm x 190mm

Double page advert:  280mm X  190mm


I have to say thanks for putting together this magazine.   I have advertised with Gillingham Guide now for 4 months and already had 6 new regular clients. I spent hundreds advertising in the local paper and didn’t get anything; this is the best form of advertising I have ever done and I advise all my friends and clients to go through you.  Thank you.

Sally, advertiser

 Thank you for placing my advert.   I had a lady in the day Gillingham Guide dropped through my letter box, she had moved to the area and seen my advert.  She booked and paid which has more than covered the cost of my ad, I couldn’t believe it.   Thanks.

Lisa, advertiser and reader  


Picked up another new customer today who saw us in Gillingham Guide!  Yah!

Tan, advertiser

 I had several responses from people who saw my ad in the Gillingham Guide so will definitely be back!!  

Jo  xx      Advertiser and reader

Your May 2019 issue of Gillingham & Shaftesbury Guide is available now!