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New CCTV in Shaftesbury

Shaftesbury Town Council has commissioned local company Partnership Security to install a replacement CCTV system in Shaftesbury. Preparation for this regeneration began in 2013 and the Council is pleased to say that the project is nearing completion. Partnership Security are expecting everything to be up and running by the end of June. Nick Ogle, Director at Partnership Security said; “It has been a real pleasure to redesign a system that meets the current needs of Shaftesbury and to work so effectively alongside the Team at The Council.”

The Council has been working closely with local Police officers to provide a system that meets the needs of Shaftesbury and operates effectively and legally. Technology has greatly changed in recent years and upgrading the system gives the Town the opportunity to install a system that will be far more effective, with better quality and greater coverage as well as the capacity to add more cameras to the system if they are needed in the future.

Local Officer PC Ellis says, “I am delighted that at long last Shaftesbury is going to get the system it deserves; I am looking forward to the benefits that this system will bring and the reassurance it will give to both residents and visitors.”

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