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The Cinema Club

Everybody loves going to the cinema. We enjoy the film, the popcorn, the big screen experience and doing all of that with our friends. We don’t all necessarily enjoy the cost though. Someone has to drive to the cinema, then there’s the tickets and if you can’t sneak your treats in, you have to pay for them as well – and they aren’t cheap either.

The Cinema Club is part of Platform UK Events Group, which means one thing, we are dedicated to bringing you something, wherever you are. Our vision is to be the topic of your conversations you have on your group chat that start with:

“What shall we do this weekend?”

We want the conversation to start with:

“What’s Platform got on this weekend?”

Not because we want to rule the market, but because we want to bring you events you can trust to deliver. Bring you events that you will talk about all of the next week. We want to be the go to event with your friends.

So, The Cinema Club itself is a pop-up cinema, with a bar, snack station, and local food traders. We will operate all year round, in all kinds of venues. Each event we deliver we will bring something new; whether it’s a different cocktail, different food traders or different ticket options – not just a different film or location. It’s a different experience.

To kick this off, we’re bringing you two classic British films. Not everyone has the same taste in films, and we aren’t for a second going to pretend you do. We won’t try to feed you a common, generic film to try and fill the seats. What we’re going to do is bring you something different, something unique to where you live, and something special. Our focus is to make you go to work on Monday morning, or to your local the next day, or just simply tell your friends, how much you enjoyed yourself coming to our event.

Our first event is taking place at North Dorset Rugby Club, and we are showing Snatch. A Guy Richie film starring Brad Pitt and Jason Statham, a British crime comedy film all about “za stone”..!       Released in the year 2000, it’s likely to have stayed on your shelf since then – let alone seeing it on a big screen! The second is a screening of the original The Italian Job, starring a young Michael Caine and released in 1969. If you don’t know the storyline then you definitely, need to come. It’s almost guaranteed that everyone who know the film will be there to relive the first time they saw it! We are also offering some limited drive in tickets for this one, so it’s time to dust off the Morgan (or mini) for a chance to win a bottle of champagne at this event for the best car!

So, to summarise, you can’t miss out. To find out more information, we will be releasing EVEN MORE information on our Facebook page and website. Find us on Facebook or Instagram ( or visit our website –

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