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Thinking of renting out a property?

Every new year can bring new ideas and maybe a desire to do something more productive or differently.  If you have been thinking about investing in property or becoming a landlord, or maybe you are a landlord and you would like to manage your property or even your portfolio differently, it could be a good time to look at the options.  Maybe you are looking to move yourself and you are unsure as to whether you should sell your existing home or rent it out?  Selling up can mean no going back, renting your property out gives you time to consider your options and almost certainly make some income in the process.  Investing in bricks and mortar has long been a sound way to ensure some financial return.

With the current pressures on the economy and the ongoing uncertainties ahead, it continues to be difficult to predict how best to manage finances and plan for the future and securing a mortgage continues to be a challenge for many.  This in turn has led to more and more people seeking to rent their homes rather than buy.  The demand for rental property at present is consistently higher than the supply of homes available.  Landlords offering quality properties for rental at the right price, will have no trouble finding tenants and using a local, professional agent to help you source your tenant should make the process a pleasant one.

Hamlet Residential Lettings team has developed an enviable reputation for providing a first-class service to both landlords and tenants. We pride ourselves on being specialists in our industry and are confident we can let your property quickly and efficiently. We have been building our business in our Wincanton office since 2010 and now have an additional office in Gillingham to make visiting us even easier for the wider area.  We are a small but hugely experienced team of ‘locally grown’ people, who know and love the area, and between us, we have over 40 years’ experience in the industry making us authentic specialists in what we do. This can prove invaluable in really knowing the market, the area, the pitfalls and the positives. Our team continues to expand to ensure we can continue to help the growing number of landlords we work with.  You would be very welcome to join us!  We are always happy to meet new people, discuss the possibilities and help you decide how to move forward.  Let this new year be a positive move for you and your property.

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