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Voluntary work in Cambodia

Young Gillingham woman raising money to support voluntary work in Cambodia Rowan Mackain-Bremner, from Gillingham Dorset, is raising money to support a project that tackles poverty in Cambodia, where she will be volunteering for 10 weeks.   Rowan, 22, will travel out … Read More

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“The Rusty Nail” by Rik Lonsdale

‘What have you found?’ Jeanette’s words were whipped away by the wind and never reached her husband’s ears. She caught up with Mark, crouching on the shingle, examining his latest find. ‘What is it?’ she said, a little breathless. ‘It’s … Read More

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Topsie Rabbit out in the Community

The children of Topsie Rabbit Kindergarten have completed the first term in their new premises and been as busy as ever.                 They continue to visit the residents of St Martins Grange; in … Read More

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Eight go Jamboreeing in America

Every four years the International Scouting Family gets together to celebrate, learn and share experiences from their home countries. The next  International Scout Jamboree will take place in West Virginia, USA in 2019.  Dorset is the home of the International … Read More

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Shaftesbury Civic Society and NDDC’s Local Plan revision

Shaftesbury Civic Society responds to North Dorset District Council’s Local Plan revision Following a lively session with Civic Society members and other guests, SCS has completed its response to the District Council’s questionnaire. At the meeting it was clear that … Read More

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Gillingham Local History Society

Gillingham Local History Society – Historic Buildings Register Do you recognise this? The Gillingham Local History Society has begun a project to identify and record the details of all historic buildings in the town. The aim is to record the details … Read More

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Quiz Night for VSO Cambodia

Postponed due to the snow and will now take place on Saturday 17th March (see below)

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‘What I did on my Holidays’ by Rik Lonsdale

It was a glassy eyed stare that met the class on the first lesson every Monday. Mainly because the English teacher, “Killer” Rodley, had a glass eye. We were never sure which eye was glass and which was real, as … Read More

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Shaftesbury’s Snowdrop Festival

Gardening Author Anna Pavord At Shaftesbury’s Snowdrop Festival by Keri Jones “If you’ve caught the gardening bug then you will be saved for life,” Anna Pavord told me. “When you’re feeling down, gardening helps immeasurably.” Anna’s unique and uplifting perspective on … Read More

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Swimming for the Brain

Wonderful news now that anyone living with any form of dementia and memory loss can enjoy the free  ‘Swimming For The Brain’ sessions at Riversmeet Gillingham. Every GP practice recognises that physical exercise and socialising help with quality of life, … Read More

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