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St Mary the Virgin School

The children in our Outstanding Early Years Unit have had an exciting start to the summer term. Both our Reception Class and Shooting Stars Nursery have had visits from 8 day old lambs kindly brought in by in by a local farmer.  The children were able to ask lots of questions, feed and stroke the lambs.  We have also had eggs which we have incubated in school and have hatched 4 beautiful chicks which will stay with us until they return back to the same farm as the lambs.  Finally we have tadpoles whose legs have just started to appear! The children have thoroughly enjoyed the process and carefully observe them throughout the day using clipboards and ipads to record their findings. We are now registering children for our Nursery setting for September 2018 (2 – 4 year olds). Please call 01747 824 446 to arrange a visit. St Mary the Virgin ce va Primary School and Nursery.

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