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MermaidsUK takes part in brand new ITV series

MermaidsUK took part in a brand new ITV series, Give It A Year Episode 5 on ITV Monday 14th May 2018, 8pm.

MermaidsUK took part in Give It A Year, a brand new ITV series. The company is run by Mother and Daughter duo, Lisa Bousted and Charlotte Scoins who are both Aquatic Teachers and Tutors. After 18 months of market research, planning and development, Lisa and Charlotte introduced the MermaidsUK Instructor Course to the aquatic industry, allowing the Level 2 Swimming teacher to train up as a MermaidsUK Instructor. This resulted in new businesses being set up around the UK and more recently worldwide. Swish Swimschool @Riversmeet, saw the many physical and social benefits of Mermaiding and have MermaidsUK Instructors offering Mermaid Parties, Mermaid Experiences & Mermaid Swim Courses. Swish offers Mermaid Sessions for children and Mermaid Experiences and Mermaid Parties on request.

In this brand new series, Baroness Karren Brady meets the brave people who decide to go it alone and start a new business. While many take off, every year in the UK 30,000 start-up businesses fail.  This unique take on business follows the first year for intrepid entrepreneurs – will our fledgling business owners be dining on caviar and champagne in 12 months’ time? Or will they be eating humble pie?

Through her travels across the UK, Karren meets people who believe they’ve got the next big thing.  Some ideas are weird and whacky, others are literally out of this world, but all these fledgling business people hope their venture will change their lives and their fortunes. She’ll want to know as much about their hopes and dreams as she does about the sales figures.  This business show is as much about the people and their personalities as it is the profit and loss sheet.

She’ll meet all these people at the start of their first year. Then in an instant, it’ll be 12 months later and she’ll discover what can happen when you Give it a Year.  Tune into the series from Monday, 16th April, at 8pm on ITV. For further details on your local MermaidsUK sessions, you can contact 01747 834013


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